Wireless Printing

Wireless printing is now available at Kennedy and Westergard Branches of Piscataway Public Library. In addition to desktop comptuers, you will now be able to print in both black/white and color from mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. You will connect to select wifi networks in order to access wireless printing. Standard printing costs apply.

Basic instructions appear below. (More detailed instructions are available here.) 

  • Download the appropriate Smart Alec app or software for your mobile device.
  • Connect to Wireless Printing wifi
    • Kennedy Branch (PPLASUS, PPLASUS_5G, PPLKEN84A, PPLKEN84B)
    • Westergard Branch (PPLWES-DSR-500N_1, PPLWES1)
  • Run/Open software or app.
  • Log-in to Smart Alec app/software by entering your library card number or pin number. If you do not have a library card, visit the information desk for a one-time guest pass.
  • Send your document to the printer. Be sure to select Wireless/SmartAlec Printer from the printer options.
  • Finally, go to the printer release station. Enter your library card number and pin number to access your print jobs. Make sure you have enough funds on your account, and release the desired print jobs.